Terms & Conditions


Product Warranty:
If a product is found to be defective or damaged, TIGER-X AUTO will adhere to the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines and offer a refund or replacement at the discretion of TIGER-X AUTO. The warranty duration varies based on the brand and product.

If a product is found to be defective within the manufacturer’s/supplier’s warranty period after a certain duration of use, the process involves sending the part to the supplier for inspection before the warranty process commences. This assessment typically takes a minimum of 2 weeks.

All products sold by TIGER-X AUTO must be installed by a qualified technician. Otherwise, the warranty for that product might become void.

Workmanship Warranty:
TIGER-X AUTO provides a 12-month workmanship warranty. This warranty may be void if (but not limited to):

  • Items have been modified or used for purposes other than their intended use.
  • Vehicles are used in racing or applications not originally intended for the product.
  • Items have been involved in accidents/collisions.
  • Items have been modified, disassembled, or taken apart.
  • Items have been misused, neglected, or not properly maintained.
  • Items have been altered or worked on by the client or a third party.

TIGER-X AUTO is not liable for any modifications or alterations done by third parties to our products. Claims related to improper fitting by anyone other than TIGER-X AUTO, product modifications, extreme use conditions, and any claims outside the scope of this warranty are not covered.

Suspension Components Warranty:
Suspension components are designed for normal use and are not covered under warranty if the vehicle is used in extreme sports, competitive racing, or lifted by 50mm or more. Adding or changing components that increase vehicle height by 50mm or more will render the vehicle unroadworthy and void the workmanship warranty.

Vehicle Warranty:
Installing aftermarket items may affect, void, or violate the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty terms. Review your vehicle warranty prior to purchasing or installing aftermarket parts.

How to Claim Warranty:

Please contact us for warranty concerns. Photos and descriptions may be necessary to expedite the warranty claim assessment. As each warranty is assessed on an individual basis, providing requested information will determine processing time.

Refunds & Exchanges:

We cannot accept returns for change of mind, mistaken customer orders, or products damaged during installation by parties outside TIGER-X AUTO.

If refund requests align with our terms and conditions, processing refunds might take up to 2-3 business days.

Please choose carefully; customers are responsible for reviewing invoices and verifying part numbers (SKU) to ensure requested items are correct.

Scheduled Bookings:

Booking times can’t be confirmed until all ordered stock arrives at our workshop. Temporary bookings can be made but will only be confirmed upon product delivery due to uncertain ETA circumstances.

Failure to comply with agreed fitting dates or not providing sufficient notice (48 hours) may result in an additional fee of $50 deducted from the paid deposit.

TIGER-X AUTO reserves the right to reschedule bookings due to staffing levels and/or equipment issues.

Fitting Contract:

When booking vehicle fitting, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Vehicle modifications may be required for proper fitting.
  2. Aftermarket parts may not be compatible with other branded parts.
  3. Additional parts might be needed to meet roadworthy standards.
  4. TIGER-X AUTO will dispose of removed parts unless the customer requests otherwise.
  5. Customers must load any parts they wish to keep into their own vehicle.
  6. TIGER-X AUTO reserves the right to reschedule fittings.
  7. Customers should inform staff of any aftermarket parts or modifications that could affect fitting.
  8. Additional labor costs may apply if a job takes longer due to vehicle condition (e.g., corrosion/rust, seized bolts, replacement parts required).
  9. We do not provide hire-car services and are not responsible for customer transportation.
  10. Vehicles with sensors and brake assist might require reconfiguration from your dealer due to possible adjustments after installing aftermarket products.
  11. Payment must be received via bank transfer before vehicle pick-up if paying via this method.


For further inquiries, please call us at 0426 833 998 / 0420 330 851 or email

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